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Latest Apple Store News

apple store
Apple Store
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en pequeñito podéis ver la apple store de la quinta avenida, paso obligado, nueva york, agosto-septiembre 2008

Apple Froze App Store Rankings On Friday, And Odd Behavior Continues

Apple Store
In the last three years, the only times Apple has ever frozen its App Store rankings has been over the holidays. So it's interesting to note that the company actually froze rankings for a total of eight hours on Friday, and things still aren't quite …

Don't Let Your Kids Pee in Apple Stores

Apple Store
I have children—a whole bunch of them. And I can more than sympathize when parents have to deal with them as they cry, scream, and have to go to the bathroom. That being said, the Apple Store is not a toilet, so don't let you kids tinkle on the …

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