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Latest IPod Dock News

spec.dock – Car iPhone Dock for Porsche Now Updated with Lightning Connector

iPod dock
There are many products on the market that try to simplify the in-car iPod and iPhone experience that use the term "car dock" very loosely, but 2point5 makes the only true automotive iPod and iPhone dock for Porsche. Patented in 2006, the spec.dock is …

Fatal distraction: Drivers, and cyclists, need all their attention for the road

iPod dock
She sobbed in the dock at Reading Crown Court as the verdict was read out. “For the cyclist, for his … Sure enough, I was a terrible (virtual) driver while intentionally distracting myself with a sat nav, phone, while texting and cueing music on an …

Recession? Not With Irish Weddings

iPod dock
Perhaps the bride would have to compromise on her Gina shoes and settle for a high street pair. Maybe the meal would consist of sausages and beans, or the band would be replaced by an iPod standing lonely on a dock in the middle of the stage. Maybe the …

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