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Latest Keyboard News

Keyboard to infinity
Image by cobaltfish
normally its a computer keyboard thats in front of me hour after hour, every day, but following on from my Cello, I took a shot of a piano

Modded Google Keyboard Adds A Number Row For Easier Numerical Entry

Android: If you need to enter phone number or other digit-based data with your handset's keyboard, it is time-consuming to switch between numerical and alphabetical keyboards. This modded version of the standard Google keyboard makes life much easier …

Piano keyboard
Image by darrenleno
Piano keyboard.

BlackBerry Passport's 'touch-enabled keyboard' officially detailed

At the tail end of last week, BlackBerry and its CEO John Chen gave us a couple of peeks at the upcoming BlackBerry Passport, a device that combines a large, square touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard. Today BlackBerry is giving us another early look at …

motel keyboard close
Image by zen

Image by dgj103

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