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Latest New App For Iphone News

25 apps you should download right now

new app for iphone
It also means iPhone users' days of using horrible third-party apps are over. [iOS, Android, Free]. VSCO cam – VSCO cam technically debuted in 2012, but the second generation of the app has been so thoroughly overhauled that it's essentially a whole …

5 Awesome, Discounted Apple Apps for Your New Device

new app for iphone
Managed to snag yourself a new iPhone 5s, iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina Display as a holiday gift? Congratulations! Apple's (AAPL) iOS mobile devices are top-notch. And while Google's (GOOG) Android wins in terms of market share and Google Play is …

New Year's Eve Ball App drops onto iPhone, iPad

new app for iphone
The new version of the app, available on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system, is simpler to use and more interactive than predecessors that emerged first at the close of 2010, said Jeffrey Straus, executive producer of Times Square …

New iPhone apps worth downloading: Redd – reddit client, Robbers, Skateboard

new app for iphone
Today's first app worth downloading is designed to help Reddit users get the most out of the Internet's huge community sharing site. It's Redd, a Reddit client that makes it easy to browse, post and comment on threads and subreddits. We've also got …

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