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Latest SONY Laptop News

Home break-in reported, investigated

SONY Laptop
… a .22- automatic rifle, a 16-gauge shotgun, a 12-gauge pump shotgun, an Army sword with a gold handle, two jars containing coins, a Hewlett-Packard laptop computer, a metal tin containing miscellaneous jewelry and a glass-and-wooden door were taken.

Xbox One Getting DLNA Support, USB Media Playback, Boot-to-TV Option

SONY Laptop
I think sony and microsoft didn't do this cause they want to have a tighter control with what you play in their consoles than with the ps3 and 360. also, not to be a PC elitist (cause quite frankly I'm a console gamer) but my laptop plays all of those …

Where to find discounted laptops for back-to-school

SONY Laptop
It's a lot of laptop for the money. It's got a powerful processor, a decent-sized hard drive, and it was a very good performer in our lab tests. Another plus is at about four pounds, it won't weigh down a backpack. College-bound students have loads of …

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